Jul 31, 2008

Checklist for freshers !

When i was packing my bags to set off for Pilani. I did not know that there was a super market in the campus itself. I took a trunk full of various items only to realise later that all these were very much available at campus itself. I am listing down here few items which should/can be carried along with you.

1. All documents, certificates, memos etc
2. Winter clothing like sweaters, thermals, gloves, socks etc. Temperature goes down to around 0 degrees in winter. In our times it went till -2 degrees !!
3. Computers will be necessary only from second year onwards.
4. Any specific sports gear/ musical instrument/ books which you are fond of.

I can recollect only these as of now. Shall update whenever I find new things. I suggest you guys to post any more items in comments which you feel should be taken care of before leaving.


vardhan said...

thanks deepak,
hey deepak i need some info
i wil be going on 6th morning to new delhiand by evening we might go there
.. we are going by AP express
how far is ISBT from new delhi station...

DeEpAk said...

I did not understand what do you mean by 6th. AFAIK you ppl were suppose to go to BITS by 26th or so rt? ISBT is not very far from station but BITS will arrange bus facilities from station itself. Check about it with them.

vardhan said...

i am selected after 4th itr.before i am selected 4 hyd campus
so i have to report there on 8th

Anonymous said...

You may be right that you need to report on 8th, but I saw people who slid from Goa to Pilani after 4th itr reporting immediately at Pilani.

I guess you would read it as on or before 8th...

BITSAT Physics sample paper said...

Really usefull to freshers. I like and appreciate this blog.