Jul 8, 2008

BITS - GOA !!!

Many students requested me to give some feedback/review on BITS-GOA. But I could not help them much as I was from Pilani campus. Thanks to one of my friends at GOA campus; he wrote a nice write-up on life at BITS - GOA. So people, here is the review of the GOA campus from the alumnus itself.

Discipline: Computer Science
Company: Cisco Systems

The first impression as you walk through the gate of BITS-Pilani Goa campus is of sheer amazement at the beauty infront of you. The campus buildings, the faculty quarters, the greenery and the beautiful zuari river house some of the best talent India has to offer. The campus is around 180 acres, not too big but has most of the things a college student would want. Since the campus is very new, the hostel facilities are very good. Each student has an independent room, unlike most of the colleges where in your junior years you would have to share rooms with many of your batchmates. The entire campus is networked and DC++ hubs are the lifeline of most of the students. Tremendous amount of data(highest share being 32.xx TB) is available for entertainment, education, gaming,etc. The shopping complex caters to all the things on-capmus students require while the Monginis bakery, Nescafe and Juice stalls provide all the junkfood and beverages one would want.

The Mess is a hugely debatable topic, but really it isnt a mess as such. There are two caterers, and they do a decent job in preventing you from starving to death. Any college student will tell you that you should forget home food and not compare the mess food to the former. You learn to adjust, skip a meal or two from time to time and get on with better things that a college like BITS has to offer.

The best part of being a BITSian apart from the huge 'tag name' is that attendance is not compulsary unlike almost all colleges in India. This allows for a very carefree and nocturnal life for those who bunk most of the classes. Gaming is one of the biggest hobbies of the students in Goa. Being a gaming addict myself, I can assert that the level of gaming at bits-goa is amazing and the passion shown by the gamers is mind-blowing. Around 8-12 hours in a day fly away by playing Counter strike, DotA, WoW, FIFA, etc. For those who don't game, there is always something new in DC++ that you can watch. Sitcoms and movies form a major time-pass for many students.

We have a very talented rock band which performs in most of the cultural festivals and rock nights. The Dance club is also very active through out the semester. Those with a passion for art will find the Arts n Decoration Club a huge opportunity to further hone their skills. Many other clubs exist to keep students with a liking for various things busy. Thus, as far as extra-curricular activities go, there is just too much to keep the students busy.

Coming to the education, the library is one of the biggest housing a huge number of books, magazines and papers. The number of professors/lecturers is increasing every year, but there is still a huge requirement of skilled professors. Barring a few profs in every discipline (don't want to take names here), the standard of teaching isn't what one would call superb. But the profs who have come from the Pilani campus are fantastic and a great source of knowledge and inspiration for the students. The entire campus building( the classrooms and labs) is air-conditioned which gives students one more reason to attend classes during the Goan Summer. Many labs are still coming up, with a Cypress sponsored lab for EEE/EnI students the latest addition. The computer lab is huge by any standard, and caters to the needs of various courses with practical knowledge requirements. Since every hostel room has the LAN and Net facility, the labs are used for browsing by the newest batch in the campus(until they bring their comps/lappys).

After BITSAT, the quality of the students coming to BITS has only become better. The young campus has achieved a lot in 4 years, with lots more to come in the future. The first placement year got over last year with Nvidia, CISCO, Oracle, yahoo, Microsoft, etc taking the cream of the crop. Though there is a lot of difference between the Pilani and Goa Campuses, given that it was Goa's first year of placements, it wasn't bad. But with Schlumberger and possibly Google to come for this years placements, its only getting better for those at Goa. The first batch of BITS-Goa also saw almost 50 MS applicants, with 3 getting into Stanford. Only one student has got into IIM-A but its a good start nevertheless.

Apart from on-campus actvities, the beautiful state of Goa has lots of scenic spots to offer. A lot of the Saturday/Sunday of the first and second years of a student goes in visiting the beaches in Goa. The nearest place from ZuariNagar(where BITS-Goa is situated) is vasco where you can always find a lot of BITSians shopping/dining.

College life is always the best four/five years of a students life. BITS-Pilani Goa gives all you need to have fun and build your future. Its how you use it that matters in the end.


Anonymous said...

awsome post man!! but u didn't mentioned about music club @bits. it has affected my friend Sriram a lot.

Samar said...

How would you compare it to NIT-K?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.... Bro.... I'm all set to go off to bits goa

Anonymous said...

BITS Pilani Goa really stepped up in my list of colleges I would like to get into!
No compulsary attendance, individual hostel rooms and also the gaming are some of the things that excited me the most.
Life at BITS as you described it, sounds beautiful!
Thank you for the amazing post.

It would be of great help if you could tell me about the fee structure and Mechanical Engineering Dept. there.

sivaram eluru said...

hiiiiiiiiiiiiii i am sivaram frm vijayawadaa,ap.......i got admissionn for M.E embedded systems in bits,goa.......so plzzzzz telll me the placements for embedded in goa.......plzzzzz is there any good placements........

Anonymous said...