Jun 27, 2008

Bitsian slang !

Given below are few of the BITSIAN slangs or lingo used very commonly in the campus. i have collected these from few of the blogs and sites of fellow bitsians.
1. Lacha:Laugh and chat
Usage:They went to the restaurant and had 'garam chai' with lots of lacha.
2. CDC:Compulsory disciplinary courses(courses which one has to clear to obtain a degree in a particular discipline)
3. FD:Faculty Divisions.
4. O Lab:"Oyster lab".Lab for VLSI design .Just the 2nd of its kind in India,worth around 200 crores and Birla is planning to invest more.
5. IPC:Information Processing Centre.Has over 250 comps for general use(although ghatia speed) , a Supercomputer(PARAM 10000) and some state of the art PC's scattered in differently named labs.
6. LTC:Lecture Theatre Complex:New Lecture Theatres built complete with wireless microphones and projectors with a seating capacity of each theatre to be400,though I doubt if even 40 people might be attending any given lecture on any given day.(You see I was one of the blessed guys to be in an insti which did not take attendance.Yes,you read it right,NO ATTENDANCE!!:)
7. MB:Meera Bhavan.Sole Hostel for Girls in BITS.With a 12 foot rock wall around it and a 6 foot barbed wire fencing over it,it is protected from predators like us.Damn it, even the corridors are hidden from sight by wooden boards.No male is ever allowed inside st any time of the year,not even the student's father!
8. Gen:General things.
Usage: Today we talked gen.
9. SUB:Student Union Block
10. SAC:Student Activity centre
11. Ghotu:Person who has marvellous muggging abilities and uses it most of the time.
Verb form:Ghotna,For Eg: Kal ke test ke liye ghotna hai.
12. ID Pop/Mom:Person who had the same ID number the Previous year.
13. Room Pop/Mom:Person who had the same room the previous year
14. Sidey:person who lives next door
Note:There are things like ID sidey,ID cousins,ID grandpops/moms,room grandpops/moms etc.
15. Thadi:Arrrogance.
Usage:Lagta hai sale ko bahut Tadi chadhi hai.
16. Assoc:Association
17. Psenti semite(P silent):Person in the final sem.
18. RAF: Recretional activities forum.Shows 12 hindi and 12 english movies in one sem for dirt cheap rates in the auditorium.All movies latest with sexy dolby sound and big screen.(Note that all the films are bought legally from distributors)
19. Audi:Auditorium.
20. Gults: Telugu speaking ppl
21. Illads: ppl from Tamil Nadu
22. Mallus:Malayalis
23. Bongs:Bengalies
24. Zuk:means Zero
Usage:I got a zuk in the test.
25. Guss:Skip,or give it up
Usage:Lets gus dinner today,it sucks ;I gussed my chem lecture .
26. TT:Test topper
27. Acads:Academics
28. GSu:Prof G Sunder
29. Vetti:not doin anything
UsageMain velle baitha hoon.
30. OASIS:college cultural fest(4 day college fest,24 hrs,lots of dhamaal)
31. Apogee:College tech fest(a professions oriented gathering over educational experiece)
32. Bosm:college sports fest(BITS open sports meet)
33. Connaught place:fancy name given to group of restaurents and Dukaans in some street.
34. Anc:all night canteen,heavily crowded during 1 am.
35. Nc:night canteen(mess managed)
36. Ec:evening canteen(")
37. IC:Institutional canteen
38. Ob:obviously
39. Sack:easy
Usage:aaj ka test to sack tha.
40. M lawns,t lawns,p lawns etc etc :lawns in front of insti building
41. GymG:Gymnasium ground

There are lots more !! Shall post them later..


Kartik said...

dude SAC is no more under construction.. guess uve taken it from the old BITSIAN OXFORD DICTIONARY :P

DeEpAk said...

oops !! yeah shall correct it. Thanks for pointing it out.